Core Exiles Stats Portal

This is a continuation of the 'other statistics' on offer within Core-Exiles. We have striven to bring to you statistics we thought you may find of interest during your time in the Core-Exiles Universe.

Top 50 Out Law Stats

Chicken and Egg is an issue the Pirate players are familiar with in Core-Exiles. We do cater for Outlaws but it is minimalistic based on the numbers that take the role to heart. Of course as I say chicken and egg, the more Outlaw players the more we will add over time. For now we are displaying the Top 50 all time Pirate combats stats and the Outlaw Services stats. /p>

Other Useful Links

The top ORSA stats show those that are taking the time to use the ORSA promenade offices and extract resources for the game economy. Top Explorer's is in homage to those that take the time to convert unexplored planets into outposts for construction to begin. Top PM sales and Sven's top 100 customers speak for themselves but we thought you might be interested.