Combat Info

There are a number of attributes within the Core Exiles environment in which players can excel. To this end, we have created a stats 'Portal' to allow those players to keep an eye on how they are doing in the grand scheme of things.

Salvage Info

The statistics within this portal have been split up into level bands. The stats are now listed for players between level 1 and 10, 11 and 20, 21 and 30, 31 and 40, and so on into the higher levels. New bands will be added as players reach those dizzy heights. This has been done so that players of all levels will have a leader board in which to attain the goal of 'Top Dog'

More Salvage Info Here

If you can think of a Salvage related statistic or look up view related to Salvage you would like to see why not let us know. Open a thread in the forums under suggestions and let us know what you think would be a good stat to show. Of course it has to be a stat we are already collecting or one that makes sense to add, but we are open to suggestions.